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[Interview] Across the Bows – Crows

by Emīls Vilcāns

UntitledDelighting their Prelaten audience with a dash of sunlight back in December, the Tromsø based 70’s rock trio Across the Bows have finally stirred up to releasing their first recorded groove – Crows. With other tracks underway, the bluesy, a tad morbid piece builds up a trembly cabin fever and Handstoapplause had the chance to exchange a Q&A on the whole process with the Bow’s drummer Magnus TornensisRead the rest of this entry »


Shady Oaks /w Marni Kruse @ Bastard Bar, Tromsø

by Emīls Vilcāns

shddyoaksmrnkrsFinding the way through the snowy streets of Tromsø, Northern Norway, there, once more, the door opens to the cavern of Bastard Bar on the evening of 23rd of February, sheltering those thirsty for brew and some acoustic vibes. Awaiting for the debuting local blues project Shady Oaks and singer-songwriter Marni Kruse as support, a sensible ease is lingering in the bohemian space, soon ignited by jazzy folk and heavy blues.  Read the rest of this entry »

Mona De Bo – Kur ir šeit?1/4

by Emīls Vilcāns

mona-de-bo-kur-ir-seit-48535299reSomewhat a year since their 4th release Īstenībā (Actually), the Riga, Latvia based ambient/drone duo Mona De Bo announce their next endeavor Kur ir šeit? (Where is here?). Releasing the first quarter of the album, simply put as 1/4, the act conjures a dark, misty field of consistently vibrating sounds and dotted field-recorded nuances. Album due for release on 11th of March through I Love You Records. Read the rest of this entry »

Arms and Sleepers – Life is Everywhere

by Emīls Vilcāns

0008751153_100Commemorating their 10th year together back in 2016, the electronic/downtempo duo Arms and Sleepers from Boston, Massachusetts are about and ready to drop their 6th LP – Life is Everywhere. Continuing their work in a similar fashion as on their previous – Swim Team, the predecessor still serves as a solid beacon of where the duo’s sound lies right now.  Read the rest of this entry »

Reptile Master /w Heave Blood and Die @ Bastard Bar, Tromsø

by nothingventu.red

hbdtrmA wet Saturday evening in Tromsø sees a decent crowd pack into the dim underground space of the Bastard Bar to witness two local doom metal acts: Heave Blood and Die and Reptile Master, both bands signed to North Norway label Blues for the Red Sun. Yobs Marrow is playing as I entered the venue, which seems a good sign of things to come. Despite the bar’s “Hippies Must Use Back Door” sign, a fair number of long-haired and bearded types seem to have somehow snuck in to fill the place up well towards capacity: the air warm and humid, the bar elbow to elbow and seating space hard to find.
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Across The Bows @ Prelaten Kro & Scene, Tromsø

by Emīls Vilcāns

ghfghBringing forth a bell, an upright bass and some well-crafted psychedelia infused stoner-rock, the Tromsø, Norway based trio Across The Bows collects a delighted audience at Tromsø’s Prelaten Kro & Scene. Despite the murky darkness outside, the evening of 16th of December is spent under a shimmering musical sun-light, only refreshed by a bluesy breeze. Read the rest of this entry »

The American Dollar – 4 BC

by Emīls Vilcāns

a1684969208_10dasdHailing from Queens, NYC, the electronic fused post-rock duo The American Dollar set-out for a goal of releasing a new track at the first day of each month throughout 2017. Filing the idea under a simple flag of 2017 Releases on their bandcamp, they come forth with a spaciously ambient synth/drum fueled ride – 4 BC (December 1st, 2016). Read the rest of this entry »