Explosions In The Sky – Disintegration Anxiety

by Emīls Vilcāns

12540786_10150599338079987_5807605535137568134_nWith 5 years since the last studio album and 3 OST collaborations in the middle, the four piece post-rock pioneers Explosions In The Sky announce their 7th studio-album with a tone-setting single – “Disintegration Anxiety“. “The Wilderness” to be released on April 1st, 2016.

In simple terms, it’s touching. Whether you enjoy it as a track alone or really pick-up what this composition is about, it reaches out to you. Starting with the haunting intro it prepares you for the fast-paced destruction of everything that lies ahead.  The mellow base, plucked guitar and emphasized drum beat builds up to a break of hope and climaxes into an intense last fight. I don’t know if EITS intended to do so, but they managed to capture the disintegration of ones personality marvelously!

Despite the intense build-up and the achieved effect on the listener, the track is a good presentation of how EITS have evolved their style. It’s not so much about sky exploding guitar climax aftermath. It’s more like a sneaky, atmospheric build-up, which goes layer by layer until it reaches the form it’s supposed to take. But let’s also take into account that this may as well be an abbreviated version of the song. Either way, this is a beautiful taste of what’s to come and these 5 years have made the post-rock community hungry! We want the whole thing!


“The Wilderness” (April 1st, 2016);      Temporary Residence Limited

“The Wilderness”

  • Wilderness
  • The Ecstatics
  • Tangle Formations
  • Logic of a Dream
  • Disintegration Anxiety
  • Losing the Light
  • Infinite Orbit
  • Colors in Space
  • Landing Cliffs

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